All property investors interested in securing their investment in a completely approved and affiliated project should review Kingdom Valley Islamabad’s qualities. Pakistan’s government has made a significant step forward with this fascinating endeavor. Having all of the facts before spending your hard-earned money on a home project can help you make an informed decision. Because the property will benefit future generations, the best solution is to have your plots reserved in a residential project.

The development of Kingdom Valley Islamabad Naya Pakistan would benefit the people of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. In a short period of time, the project’s forward-thinking strategies established in enhancing the project’s premises have gained recognition in the real estate business.

Location of the Kingdom Valley in Islamabad

In terms of location, Kingdom Valley Islamabad has the upper hand over the other rivals. The kingdom valley Islamabad location map’s most appealing quality is its easy accessibility from everywhere in the city in a short distance. This challenging society is located near the M2 Lahore-Islamabad highway. It is one of the most accessible housing societies from both the outside and the inside of the city.

Owners and Developers of Kingdom Valley

Kingdom Group of Companies is the only name on the list of developers and owners of Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Although the Pakistani government is also participating in maintaining ownership of this outstanding residential complex, the kingdom group’s operational teams are fully engaged.

Status of the Kingdom Valley NOC:

The project has been validated by the Rawalpindi Development Authority’s issue of a NOC. Kingdom Valley Islamabad has a unique registration character because it is a joint initiative of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme and the Kingdom Group.

Following the engagement of the Pakistani government in the society, investors who are concerned about the legality of land and property in this community would be eased of their concerns. Property purchasers can examine the registration ID through online verification of the associated residential project in the event of NOC. DRG/PHATA/2176-2021 is the registration number assigned to Kingdom Valley.

Master Plan of Kingdom Valley Islamabad

The certainty of providing top-notch quality of life in conjunction with basic necessities has given the housing society a distinct facet. For the valued consumers of Kingdom Valley Islamabad, the supply of premium amenities in the heart of Islamabad has been prepared.

Kingdom Valley Blocks:

●     Overseas block

●     Residential block

  • Commercial Block and Farmhouses
  • Kingdom Villas

Amenities and facilities:

Fortunately, Kingdom Valley Islamabad has met all of the criteria in terms of amenities. This intriguing housing project has addressed all aspects, from the supply of contemporary facilities to the upkeep of quality.

The builders have left a large area for the creation of green parks, pavements, and other environmentally friendly features. In addition to these attractions, a large theme park has been developed within the community to provide amusement for both adults and children.

The following characteristics are included in the Kingdom Valley Rawalpindi amenities:

Assurance of utilities: The society’s creators have placed a specific emphasis on creating a society that suits the residents’ needs. Residents’ lives have been made easier by the creation of massive water resources, as well as power and gas supply pipes. The subterranean wiring of power and gas cables, as well as the supply of pure filtered water, have all been confirmed. Sanitation and drain lines have also been erected and are being maintained properly.

Graveyards, community centers, and sports complexes all play an important part in the creation of socially active spaces in a residential project. There are also graveyards in order to avoid burying your loved one away from you.

A sports facility has also been built with the goal of providing inhabitants with an athletic atmosphere that will help them improve their physical health.

Secure community: To provide a safe environment, a high-alert security guard crew has been assigned to the society’s active gates. CCTV cameras have also been installed to keep an eye on any suspicious activities within the community.

Health and educational facilities: Kingdom Valley Islamabad has successfully established a large hospital with all necessary medical services. Professional medical personnel is still available, and the emergency ward is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Various recognized and reputable educational institutes have been welcomed into the society, which has answered questions about educational facilities.

Maintenance of road infrastructure and environmental protection: A world-class road network has been established throughout a broad swath of society. Residents will be able to walk from their blocks to the major boulevard in a short amount of time.

Why should you invest in Islamabad’s Kingdom Valley?

The Naya Pakistan Housing Program’s Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a notable land project. This financially sound and prudent lodging association offers low-cost properties at a fair price. Realm Valley is located near the Chakri Interchange on the main Chakri Road.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a housing plan designed with one goal in mind: to provide residents with a luxurious lifestyle. The main characteristics of this broad public are opulent offices, moderateness, and space.

Final Thoughts?

After analyzing all of the data about Kingdom Valley Islamabad, it has been determined that it is one of the best housing societies in Islamabad for both residential and non-residential reasons. The most notable aspect is Kingdom Valley Islamabad’s payment plan, which would astound any investor. The housing community has gotten a lot of attention because of its low costs in a city as expensive as Islamabad. One of Lead Marketing’s top suggestions in Islamabad for having viable properties in twin cities is Kingdom Valley Islamabad.