Kingdom Valley Islamabad is one of those projects that have attracted a great number of customers because of its being located in the real estate hub. It lies close to Chakri Interchange, an area that has attracted investments in billions from real estate developers. The said location has been a compelling option for real estate investors because of the growing tendency of premium housing societies near Chakri.  

There are various reasons that the investors have found it the best they can avail in real estate. As the federal capital is expanding, the developers have focused on areas that could be easily accessible and offer high ROI to the investors. Thus, Chakri has been their focus since the new developmental projects began. As CPEC and Rawalpindi Ring Road projects are being developed, this area has become the prime focus.

Here is a brief overview of why Kingdom Valley Islamabad is the most in-demand housing society and other details that the readers would find helpful.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad – Discovering Your Future

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a residential project that is being developed, keeping in view the investors’ needs in the future. As the demand for the residential project has grown, there has been a struggle to avail yourself of the best. Thus, the developers of Kingdom Valley Islamabad analyzed the situation and came up with a  plan to cater the best possible to the investors.

The developers of Kingdom Valley Islamabad have viewed the customer requirements and ensured that it is on par with posh residential societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The first step towards it will be the infrastructure and the facilities that the inmates would avail themselves of. Thus, it is a future in development which will offer a luxurious living experience.  

As times are changing, there have been some additional requisites for modern housing societies. One of them is fulfilling the need to keep it eco-friendly. The developers of Kingdom Valley are well-aware of this need. The master plan ensures that the Kingdom Valley will have more space for the green area compared to what its proposed area has now.

Reasons for being in demand

There are various reasons why Kingdom Valley Islamabad is one of the most in-demand housing societies. Some of them are given as follows.

Experienced Developers

The project of Kingdom Valley Islamabad is being developed by the Kingdom Group. Its developers have vast experience in real estate development and management in different areas of Pakistan. The said group is led by Mr. Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal, who has been a known name in the business circle in Pakistan.

Mr. Ghulam Hussain has gathered the best developers, architects, planning experts, and engineers from across Pakistan to make Kingdom Valley Islamabad a successful project. Kingdom Group has previous experience in the development of PIA co-usable housing society, KV Mart, KV Town Sapphire, etc. Once this project is complete, it will add to the successful accomplishments of Kingdom Group.

Location Value

As said above, the location of Kingdom Valley is considered premium from the perspective of rising real estate value. Kingdom Valley Islamabad location is prime from the perspective of accessibility. As more developmental projects like CPEC and Rawalpindi Ring Road are being developed, the area of Chakri will attract investors.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is adjacent to Chakri Interchange, so commuting won’t be a hurdle for its inmates. New Islamabad International Airport, Mumtaz City, Blue World City, etc., lie close to it, which adds to its price value.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad NOC has been approved, and it has completed all legal requisites. The customers can check the details of its NOC via reference, ‘DRG/PHATA/2176-2021.’ As Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency has approved it, so the investment is secure. Another pro of this project is its affiliation with the Naya Pakistan Housing, which makes it affordable for middle-class families.

Developmental Updates

The developers of Kingdom Valley Islamabad have acquired about 15,000 kanal in the initial stage and working on its development. As the scope of expansion is open so, further land might also be acquired in the future.

Developmental works like basic infrastructure, roads, leveling, etc., are being completed by the given deadlines, and the customers will see it developed soon. The developers have ensured that it is done in accordance with proper standards, not compromising on the quality.

Affordable Payment Plan

The payment plan for Kingdom Valley Islamabad has been kept flexible because it is a residential project for all. It has kept the needs of middle-class families in view so they won’t face any problems in payment. Also, there are various types of plots available to the customers, which will help them choose one of their choices.

Facilities and Amenities

Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers more than the customers expect. It is a premium housing society that will provide the best possible facilities in Islamabad. These include 24/7 availability of daily needs like gas, water, and electricity. The developers are aware of other needs like health, education, shopping, and entertainment, so they have planned the project accordingly. Once it is complete, the customers will be able to enjoy these and other facilities.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad is being developed to cater to the residential needs of those who want to own a home or commercial property in the federal capital. It is located in one of the premium areas, i.e., near Chakri interchange, so the investors won’t face any problems with commuting. It has got a lot to offer to the investors so they can invest in to utilize the opportunity.