The Most Desired Residential and Commercial Project in Islamabad

commercial and residential project

Introduction: Islamabad's Real Estate Market

Islamabad, the beautiful capital of Pakistan, known for its picturesque landscapes and modern infrastructure. Is a prime destination for residential and commercial real estate investment. The city, host to a myriad of governmental and diplomatic operations. Attracts a diverse population from across the country, creating a robust demand for real estate. Over the years, both private and public developers have ventured into constructing advanced housing societies and commercial projects in Islamabad. One name that has recently emerged as a beacon of luxury and convenience in this real estate landscape is Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Choosing Kingdom Valley Islamabad as an Investment

Among the multitude of real estate ventures in the city, Kingdom Valley Islamabad stands a notch above the rest. This new addition to Islamabad’s housing societies offers unparalleled amenities and facilities. Making it the go-to choice for discerning buyers seeking comfortable living or profitable investment opportunities. Let’s delve into the details of Kingdom Valley’s residential and commercial plot options. 

Residential and Commercial Project: A Haven for Comfortable Living

Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers a diverse array of residential plot options catering to a variety of needs and budget considerations. For prospective inhabitants, the developers have outlined four different plot sizes, including 5, 8, and 10 Marlas and 1 Kanal plots. In India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, an area is traditionally measured in marlas, which are about comparable to 272.25 square feet.

The precise payment structure for each property category is as follows:

5-Marla plot: Rs 1,800,000/- with a deposit of Rs 125,000/-

7-Marla plot: Rs 2,200,000/- with a deposit of Rs 185,000/-

10-Marla plot: Rs 2,900,000/-

1 Kanal plot: Rs 4,500,000/-Buyers can opt for either a yearly plan or forty-four monthly payments, catering to their convenience and financial planning. Each plot offers residents a piece of this thriving society, designed with the vision to provide a harmonious balance of convenience, comfort, and modernity. Also Read: Ensuring Authenticity: Verify Your Kingdom Valley File Online.

Commercial Plots: A Boon for Business Ventures

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is not just a residential wonderland; it is equally geared towards fostering commercial opportunities. The Society offers three types of commercial plots for sale in Islamabad, namely:

2-Marla plot: Rs 2,200,000/- with a deposit of Rs 300,000/-

4-Marla plot: Rs 4,500,000/- with a deposit of Rs 4,500,000/-

8-Marla plot: Rs 8,500,000/- with a deposit of Rs 8,500,000/-

These commercial plots come with the option of forty monthly payments or eight bi-annual payments, providing flexibility to investors. With a focus on boosting the city’s commercial landscape, these plots serve as ideal locations for thriving businesses.

Conclusion: Kingdom Valley Islamabad - The Future of Real Estate

Kingdom Valley Islamabad has established itself as a prominent residential and commercial project in the city’s booming real estate sector. Its innovative approach to real estate, complemented by an array of modern amenities and strategic location, makes it one of the most demanding projects in the city. Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a great option whether you’re an investor searching for a profitable business or a family looking for a pleasant living space.