The developers of Kingdom Valley Islamabad are aware of the eagerness of the investors to see this project developed. It was the reason that the developers started developmental work once the project was launched. It was not only a requisite for the approval from authorities but also to ensure that this project would be completed according to the given timeframe. According to the developers, as the complete design was available to the developers, they started working in accordance with it.

As the project has made it to reach a record sales of plots, the developmental work is going according to the stipulated deadlines in 2022. As the residential and commercial areas are being developed at a fast pace, there is a rush seen in the parking areas of the mentioned project. It shows the customer interest as well as the pace of development. As the process of plot registrations continued, there was an increase in the value of prices as well. Even though prices saw a hike, there was an increased influx of customers to register their plots. These metrics tell of how Kingdom Valley Islamabad is turning into a successful project.

As the developers want to make it secure for investors to start working on their plots, they have almost completed the infrastructural work on the boundary walls and other related areas. According to the developers, the process of completion of the front gate of the project will be completed soon. Along with that, the main boulevard is almost complete, and the customers can confirm it by visiting the site of the project. More than 1 kilometer of the main boulevard road has been completed, while the rest will be complete soon. The increased investments have led to intensity in the developmental works, which will soon help its completion.

If a customer is interested in registering their plot, they should do it as soon as possible as there is a chance of price hikes for plots. Also, the number of plots available is reducing. Thus the interested customers should do it timely.