Kingdom Valley Islamabad Balloting Schedule and Update

kingdom valley balloting

Kingdom Valley is a housing society located at the heart of Islamabad. Located in a prime location, it offers residents the best lifestyle possible. The society is surrounded by scenic views and beautiful mountains. 

In Islamabad, Kingdom Valley Islamabad is conveniently located near all the major landmarks. In addition to that it has wide roads, quality educational institutions, around the clock health care services, parks and playgrounds, social clubs and community centers and shopping malls.

 It provides the aforementioned facilities among many others at a low cost. This low-cost feature of the society is the major string puller in the real estate market. This has led to massive investments in the area in recent years. Kingdom Valley Islamabad is located on M-2 motorway near Chakri exchange. 

It provides an easy access route to Islamabad International Airport, M1 Islamabad Peshawar Motorway and Lahore Islamabad Motorway. It is thirty minutes away from Rawalpindi, Rawat and Srinagar Highway.

Brief History of the Project

The society was launched a few years ago. It is a part of the renowned Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme and holds strong legal grounds. The reference number for the NOC is DRG/PHATA/2176-2021.

 Mr. Ghulam Hussain Shahid, a well-known name in the real estate sector is the owner and developer of this masterplan. He is reputed for his credibility in the real estate market. 

He has a diverse team of enriched and well qualified personnel of engineers and architects. This skilled team of the country’s best experts have worked with devotion and commitment to bring the idea into a reality. In addition, it is developed by the renowned Kingdom Group, known for their credibility and customer satisfaction in the market.

The official advertisement and development work began almost a year and a half ago. Kudos to the file holders of the society, Kingdom Valley has finally announced its balloting. 

It is announced for the files of the general block. The investors who had invested in at the right time, now they can finally get their plot ballots. Along with the ideal plot locations, this upcoming ballot also brings a lot of hand on profit and returns.

Facilities at Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers an array of luxuries and high-end facilities for its residents. The community is gated and has a safe and secure environment. The gates are guarded by a crew of well-trained guards. In addition to that, there’s 24/7 camera surveillance. 

Nowadays, people look for a housing society with a high level of safety. Kingdom Valley offers facilities at a low cost. The boundary walls and fool proof security systems installed make the residents feel safe and secure.

In addition, the society has quality educational institutions. Kingdom valley has international chain of schools for provide education. 

Similarly, the society also offers around the clock health care and medical services. The medical center and hospital is functional any time of the day to serve its residents.

There are also parks, playgrounds, shopping malls and social clubs for recreation and leisure. The social club offers membership to the residents of the society to avail top notch services and have a fun time.

At Kingdom Valley, religious values are given immense importance. The society has a mosque built as per the modern infrastructure. A wide and beautiful mosque is available for the residents to practice their religious obligations. 

Furthermore, a graveyard is also located in the society. As death is inevitable reality, Kingdom Valley ensures that you can visit your deceased loved ones nearby.

Kingdom Valley Balloting Details

As the first kingdom valley balloting in the general block of the society has recently been announced, the society is offering multiple plots. The details of the plots are mentioned below:

Residential Plots of

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

The balloting will take place at the end of the year. The balloting process is fully digitalized, it will take place via computers and the final results will be shared with the clients. The management has recently announced Kingdom Valley Islamabad new rates 2022 which is a clear indication of the development progress going in the society. 

Eligibility Criteria for Balloting at Kingdom Valley

The entire plot file with 95% clear dues becomes eligible for the first ballot at Kingdom Valley. The attractive part is that whether you have bought your plots at old prices or the new one, your updates files are eligible for balloting.Within a year and a half after the balloting process, the possession can take place. 

Investment at Kingdom Valley

Kingdom Valley Islamabad payment plan 2022 provides the best investment prospects at the moment. In comparison to other alternatives currently in the real estate market, it gives hands-on profit and guarantees a comparably better rate of return (ROI). 

Reputable investors from all over the nation have profited greatly from their investments in Kingdom Valley.Your investment is completely secure and will prove lucrative in the long run so don’t hesitate to contact lead marketing for booking your plots.