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Another Achievement by Kingdom Valley Islamabad 2nd Balloting

Kingdom Valley Islamabad 2nd Balloting

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a luxurious and lavish place to live. We are thrilled to announce its upcoming 2nd balloting date scheduled for August 14th 2024. This momentous event is eagerly anticipated by potential homeowners as well as savvy investors, marking a new phase in the growth of this outstanding housing development.

Strategically located, Kingdom Valley offers unmatched accessibility – only 5 minutes away to the Chakri Interchange and 10 minutes from the New Islamabad Airport. The proximity to major transportation hubs does not just increase the comfort of its residents, but also increases the value of investment for the property.

The second round of balloting goes beyond the mere allocation of plots. It’s an invitation to be part of an exclusive community created for those who want to live an existence of luxury and peace. For those who dream of a life of luxury This will be a great chance to secure a space in one of the most sought-after Islamabad locations.

As the date for voting gets closer everyone who is interested is advised to keep a check on any updates and be ready to participate in this important event. Kingdom Valley is not just providing a home but a chance for you to build your future with the luxury of facilities.