Kingdom Valley Islamabad is distinguished from other housing projects because of its features. It has set itself as a standard for other housing projects. The developers have ensured that the customers have the best possible experience and find it worth their investment. Here are some features of this project.

Healthcare Facilities

Kingdom Valley Islamabad developers have planned a range of healthcare facilities for investors. They have ensured that there is no trouble regarding the availability of healthcare facilities. These will include hospitals, basic health units, etc. so that the inmates live healthy life.

Eco-friendly Living

Kingdom Valley planners have ensured that its inmates prove to be of little negative impact on the environment. The infrastructure of this project will be sustainable as there will be green areas included. Moreover, a proper waste management plan is to be developed for this project.

Water Resources

Water is one of the basic needs of life and the developers have ensured that there is a steady supply of water. A water reservoir has been planned while a proper distribution plan has also been made.


A big central mosque has been planned to facilitate the inmates. It will have a considerable facility to offer prayers and will accommodate a huge number. The mosque in Kingdom Valley Islamabad will be an example of Islamic architecture and will offer a relieving experience.


Parks are one of the main inclusions in the master plan of Kingdom Valley Islamabad. These will offer a place of respite for the inmates to enjoy nature. These will ensure that the inmates live healthy life.

Commercial Area

A commercial area has been included in Kingdom Valley Islamabad. This area will have outlets of various big brands and will ensure that the inmates get their needs fulfilled in the precincts of this housing society.

Entertainment Area

There is an entertainment area included which will have cinemas, restaurants, and other facilities. The inmates of the project will enjoy their life by enjoying the metropolitan entertainment facilities.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad will be a secure housing project. There are three tiers of security planned for it, which include boundary walls, CCTV, and security personnel.

High-end Infrastructure

A high-end infrastructure has been planned to bring this project on par with other housing societies. It will be sustainable and future-oriented. So, the investors will enjoy their life in one of the best housing societies in Islamabad.

Facilities and Amenities

Along with other features in this housing project, there are some other special amenities and facilities for the inmates. These include the following.

  • Flexible payment plan
  • Reliable housing options
  • Secure residence
  • Sports Area
  • Healthcare zone
  • Family-friendly housing