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Best Features of General Block
Kingdom Valley Islamabad

kingdom valley islamabad general block

The need for a residence is increasing in Islamabad as the population continues to grow. Islamabad is ranked as the second most beautiful capital in the world, surrounded by mesmerizing views and scenic mountains. 

In addition to that, the capital’s luxurious lifestyle and premium real estate is the string puller. To meet the ever-growing housing requirements, the government has taken various steps that involve the development of government and private housing societies. 

In the recent past, multiple new housing societies have emerged on the map of Islamabad. Real estate growth has recently been on an upward trajectory. Among big brand names, Kingdom Valley is a renowned housing society located in the capital filled with aesthetic sites, luxury brands, and whatnot.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers different blocks for its clients, including general and executive blocks. The general block offers a variety of plots, among other upscale services.

Kingdom Valley General Block

The general block is a well-planned, designed and executed project. Kingdom Valley General Block offers a variety of plots at economic and affordable rates.

The payment schedule consists of eight biannual payments and forty monthly instalments made over a four-year period. Additionally, a certain sum must be paid as a down payment to confirm and reserve a plot at the time of voting. 

The size of the land determines how much of a down payment is required. After then, the remaining sum must be paid in instalments. The prices in the general block start at PKR 975,000 and go up to PKR 13,000,000 in total.

Plot Categories at General Block

Plots in the following sizes are available in general block:

  •       3.5 Marla
  •       5 Marla
  •       8 Marla
  •       10 Marla
  •       1 Kanal

Kingdom valley Islamabad Payment Plan

The payment plan at general block is as follows:


kingdom valley Islamabad general block payment plan
  •       3.5 Marla plot is offered at PKR 750,000/– with 40 monthly installments at PKR 5,250/-
  •       5 Marla is offered at PKR 975,000/– with 40 monthly installments at PKR 9,000/-
  •       8 Marla is offered at PKR 1,350,000/– with 40 monthly installments at PKR 12,000/-
  •       10 Marla is offered at PKR 1,650,000/– with 40 monthly installments at PKR 15,000/-
  •       1 Kanal is offered at PKR 2,500,000/– with 40 monthly installments at PKR 26,000/-

Aforementioned are the different categories of residential plots and their payment categories that are being offered at Kingdom Valley General Block Islamabad.

String Pullers at Kingdom Valley General Block

The general block offers a list of luxuries at affordable rates. The affordability feature of the general block makes it stand apart from its market competitors. It offers a high-end lifestyle at an economic rate.

Other the kingdom valley Islamabad payment plan, the services offered by the general block are:

  1. Secure Community

Security is one of the key characteristics that people look for in a housing society. Everyone wants to give their children and families a safe and secure environment. Everyone prioritizes the location that gives them a sense of security. 

Kingdom Valley is a gated community that assures everyone’s protection. Kingdom Valley does its utmost to ensure that its residents feel safe, sound, and comfortable by having qualified personnel manning each point of entry and exit and offering the residents round-the-clock security. Additionally, we offer constant camera surveillance for the protection of our residents. The aforementioned elements are supplemented by boundary walls and sophisticated security measures.

  1. Social Life

Residents in Kingdom Valley have access to social clubs and community centers. The social club offer memberships for the residents of Kingdom Valley. It is a perfect place for people to interact and have fun in a relaxing environment.

For kids to play and amuse themselves, there are also parks, zoos, and play areas.

By offering these extra services, we are attempting to convey the significance of our residents’ social and mental health to us and to our program as a whole.

  1. Education & Healthcare

Education and health care rank among our top objectives. Kingdom Valley provides its citizens with access to reputable education through international chains of schools and universities. The students at their educational institutions will receive assistance and support from highly qualified professionals.

For the comfort and convenience of our residents, we have also ensured that we have hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities of the highest international standards. Hospitals will be open around-the-clock.

  1. Availability of Mosque & Graveyard

Kingdom Valley attends to your wants and beliefs in terms of religion. Because of this, it will provide a stunning and well-designed big mosque. The mosque is built using contemporary architectural and design principles.

The cemetery must be a part of every housing society. A graveyard will be constructed in society for people to bury their loved ones, as death is an inevitable reality. Residents can visit their loved ones whenever they want due to the availability of the neighboring graveyard.

  1. Shopping Mall

The trend of shopping malls is rising in Islamabad. In order to cater to the needs of its residents, Kingdom Valley offers a shopping mall with the availability of all big brand names. A modernly designed shopping mall with all the quality brands and services is available at society.

Along with the aforementioned attractions of society, it also offers a better return as compared to its competitors.