A new venture of Kingdom Valley in Gwadar

venture of Kingdom Valley

Developers’ Previous Projects

The developers behind Kingdom Valley Gwadar, who have an impressive track record, successfully completed various real estate development projects. These projects, including Kingdom Valley Islamabad, Downtown 4, Downtown 5, and Souq District, have been delivered in a timely manner. This history of successful ventures showcases the developers’ competence and reliability.

Kingdom Valley Gwadar NOC

Currently awaiting the issuance of its No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Gwadar Development Authority, Kingdom Valley Gwadar demonstrates the commitment of its developers, the Kingdom Group, to adhere to local regulations. Despite the Kingdom Valley Gwadar NOC not being granted yet, the developers’ reputable track record instills confidence that the certification will be secured soon. The pending NOC is a crucial regulatory step, boosting the project’s credibility and providing assurance to potential investors and buyers.

Kingdom Valley Gwadar Location Map

While the project hasn’t disclosed specific details regarding the location map, it strategically positions itself in an accessible area. Drawing from the success of the developer’s previous projects, it is reasonable to anticipate that the Kingdom Valley Gwadar location will be easily accessible and offer high value from a pricing perspective. Nestled amid Gwadar’s captivating landscapes, the residential project ensures convenient access to vital city amenities and attractions.


The accessibility of Kingdom Valley Gwadar adds to its appeal to potential investors and residents. The project can be easily reaches from different areas of Gwadar with the following details:

10 minutes drive from Gwadar port

16 minutes drive from Gwadar Airport

25 minutes drive from Sunset Park Gwadar

1 hour’s drive from Jiwani

These convenient travel times make it a well-connected and desirable location for those looking to invest in or reside in the region.

Kingdom Valley Gwadar Master Plan

The Kingdom Valley Gwadar master plan reflects a thoughtful combination of residential and commercial spaces designed to meet diverse needs. While specific details are not yet available, the project is likely to offer a variety of residential plot sizes, providing flexibility for investors. Anticipate the inclusion of commercial plots to support local businesses and essential amenities like parks, schools, and recreational facilities. This holistic approach aims to create a self-sustaining community where residents can thrive and businesses can prosper.


In conclusion, Kingdom Valley Gwadar stands as a promising real estate venture with a reputable developer, a strategic location, and a well-conceived master plan. As the project awaits the issuance of its NOC, the collective elements contribute to its credibility and make it an attractive proposition for potential investors and home buyers alike. Keep an eye on this space as Kingdom Valley Gwadar evolves into a thriving community in the heart of Gwadar.