10 things you should know about Kingdom Valley Islamabad Executive Block?

kingdom valley Islamabad

In  Islamabad, there is a brand-new luxury housing estate called Kingdom Valley. It has situated in the centre of upscale home developments on Chakri Road. Kingdom Group and the “NPHS” are partners in Kingdom Valley. Additionally, it’s a low-cost investment in the property market. Due to its inexpensive rates in a metropolis like Islamabad, the gated community has risen to prominence.

Thanks to Kingdom Valley Islamabad payment plan, customers can make a good investment in the Kingdom Valley Executive Block. There are several home properties for sale in this new development. The government fully endorses this Society. It is a finished housing and investment venture next to Chakri Road because of the current development rate, which is suitable.

Renowned Owners Of Executive Block

Ghulam Hussain Shahid’s well-known development firm CEO is constructing Kingdom Valley Executive block. He is a Kingdom Group’s chief executive officer and a self-made billionaire who establishes the foundation for this remarkable endeavour. However, with the advent of the Kingdom group of companies, twin cities have entered a new era of home developments on the inexpensive property with luxurious features.

Ideal Setting of Executive Block

The position is the primary consideration for developers and end users when making a real estate purchase. According to Kingdm Valley Islamabad location map,  the Kingdom Valley Executive block is about seven kilometres from the Chakri Intersection on the M2 Motorway, making it more convenient to reach the  Islamabad Airport.

Furthermore, the Rawalpindi Circular Road is just five kilometres away from this community. The best thing about the block is how quickly and easily anyone can get there from any area of the twin cities. 

The DHA, the New Airport, and Bahria Town may have reached there in various ways. Since this is the case, the housing complex has reached from just a select few routes in the two cities, such as the ones that pass by Cadet College and the Thalian Intersection.

The Lawful Block

A certificate of permission from PHATA has verified the project. Consequently, the fact that the Kingdom Valley executive block is also a joint venture between the NPHS and the Kingdom Group makes its authorisation identity completely one of a kind. Moreover, the PHATA has given NOC to Society under that all the blocks of the Society are the lawful project, making it a legitimate development.

The Remarkable Master Plan Of The Executive Block

The block’s master design includes luxurious, cutting-edge infrastructure investment, amusement parks, hospitals, and other modern conveniences. To take full advantage of all the block offers, experts strongly advise investors to put their money into this property investment housing development. 

Compared to the rest of the residential building, the executive block’s conveniences and conveniences are top-notch. Additionally, it is an unwavering custom for Pakistanis living abroad to demand the highest standard of comfort and safety in their homes. The plan allows for a minimum plot size of

  • 6-Marla Residential plot
  • 8-Marla Residential plot
  • 10-Marla Residential plot
  • 1-Kanal Residential plot

The Affordable Payment Plans Of Kingdom Valley Executive Block

The block developer provides a range of plots for a very reasonable instalment price. Over four years, the financing schedule consists of eight semiannual and forty monthly instalments. Moreover, there is a deposit and payment due at the balloting.  That is calculated based on the dimensions of the plot. Following are the prices of plots according to Kingdom Valley Exceutive payment plan. 


kingdom valley executive block payment plan
  • The 6-Marla total cost will be Rs 1,340,000/-
  • The 8-Marla total cost will be Rs 1,790,000/-
  • The 10-Marla total cost will be Rs 2,190,000/-
  • The 1-Kanal total cost will be Rs 3,200,000/-

Peaceful Ambience

Because of where people live, this block has no pollution or electronic interference. More than that, the development’s stunning vistas make it a fantastic and idyllic place to call home to everybody looking for a tranquil haven away from the stresses of daily life.

Good Investment

This development block is worth buying for the community’s future. It is also a quiet neighbourhood built as part of the NPHS Initiative by the former prime minister. It responds by obtaining government subsidies, reducing litigation and increasing access to expert advice from authorities in all fields.

Top-Notch Security

the executive block is a safe investment since it improves the quality of life for people in the Capital in many ways. The presence of double boundaries, surveillance equipment, armed guards, and routine inspections all contribute to the facility’s security. Many people value having access to a Jamia Masjid, top-tier educational facilities, a playground, reliable supplies of everyday necessities, high-quality medical facilities, and cutting-edge infrastructure.

Rapid Development

The construction of these homes is progressing at a breakneck pace. Residents benefit from the latest cutting-edge technology and upscale amenities thanks to various agreements between companies and governments. Being part of the NPHS, which is legitimate and has the backing of the state, gives tenants confidence that construction will go rapidly. As a result of the speedy and swift pace of construction, the structure will have completed in short order.

Striking Feature in Executive Block

The developers of the Society ensure to offer top-notch facilities to every occupant of the Society. The executive block also compromises striking features like

  • Best Schooling facilities
  • Finest  Medical care
  • Mosques
  • Playgrounds  and Gardens
  • No load shedding of power and gas
  • Provision of Essentials 
  • Top-notch Infrastructure
  • Civic Center
  • Lavish Lifestyle
  • Secured Block


The executive block boasts a prime spot in the city’s heart, adjacent to several significant sites. Also, you can invest in it with great success. It is one of the most terrific places to live and do business in the twin cities because of its affiliations with a state program. This residential project also provides its residents first-rate amenities and services that allow them to live comfortably and happily. There will be no issues for inhabitants, as the housing complex is a beautiful property with first-rate services and facilities. In addition, the most appealing aspect of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad executive block payment plan is its ability to attract buyers. That’s why this community is the most successful and environmentally friendly housing project in the metropolitan region.